Goodbye 2009

To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of making (or keeping) new year’s resolutions. I find the association of January 1st with the start of diet restrictions, general life impediments, and the overall denial of anything even remotely fun to be…well…a total bummer. That being said, I have decided to compile a list of food related resolutions for 2010 with the understanding that each goal be fun and/or educational. So here it goes:

  • Include Michael Pollan’s idea of Meatless Mondays into my family’s eating habits. As Michael points out, you can do the planet and yourself a huge favour by skipping meat just one day a week.
  • Make the monthly cover recipe of Bon Appettit Magazine for the entire year (and blog about my experiences). This resolution is inspired by a New York restaurant owner, who has been making the magazine’s cover recipes each month for 25 years!
  • Review Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. I’m embarrased to admit that I have never attempted any of this culinary icon’s recipes. Let 2010 be the year that I overcome my intimidation…
  • Attempt to make ice cream for the first time ever!
  • Go on a cooking vacation
  • Interview Jamie Oliver
  • Find the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe
  • Beat my friend Crystal in our family’s annual crepe off!
  • Update my family cookbook and print one hard copy to keep on my VIP kitchen shelf
  • Shop more frequently at our local farmers markets

Are you making any new year’s resolutions? Feel free to send me an email at with your goals…I’d love to hear what’s on your list!

Happy New Year!

9 comments on “Goodbye 2009

  1. Great list. I like the meatless Monday attempt…I tried it last year but was shut down quickly by bacon on a pizza. Bravo to you for the attempt.
    Ice cream is a slippery slope – once you start, it is hard to stop…it is like a blank canvas so easy to incorporate so many great finds especially from the farmers markets.
    And…just for conversation sake I have mastered the perfect chocolate chip cookie, it has bacon in it. Call me when you find yours we can compare notes.
    Loving the blog by the way.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Yeah I’m not sure how Mr. Spock is going to feel about the whole Meatless Monday idea…yikes! Chocolate chip cookies with bacon?!?! I’m intrigued…

  3. Hot Mamma Smith on said:

    Wahoo Mamma J!!!!Bring it on!!!!

    Happy New Year, and I wanna come for Cooking RoadTrip/Vacation…


  4. Ashley on said:

    I think that you should make chocolate chip cookies each Friday and I should come over each Friday to eat them. I love my chocolate chip cookie recipe but they are simple nothing but chocolate and cookie :)
    I will bring you some.

  5. At first I thought you were going to try to be on (make) the cover but then I realized you meant cook HAHAHAHA…This is still an ambitious goal though sweety…..two thumbs up love you

  6. Dixie Caviar on said:

    Wow. Our resolutions were strikingly similar… How’s the chocolate chip cookie recipe coming? I went through a very long period where I was referred to as the “cookie mangler.” I finally found a keeper from my culinary school instructor. Let me know if you would like for me to pass it along.

  7. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Hi Nealey – I would LOVE a copy of your chocolate chip cookie recipe…I’m still on the hunt for the perfect version. Thanks for visiting my site!

  8. I was telling my Aunt about Meatless Monday’s and thought I would see what you said about it. Then I came across the rest of the list. How is it all going?

  9. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Hmmm…haven’t actually looked at this list in a while! Probably a good thing you reminded me Ashley as there are still outstanding items I need to take care of before the end of the year. But overall it’s going well – especially the Meatless Mondays and BA cover recipes. Oh and I’ve been good about shopping locally as well.

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