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Hello! Long time no blog (apologies for my absence). Thought I would bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in my life: We just finished moving to a new house! The combined chaos of packing and unpacking boxes plus a delayed internet connection are the reasons behind my online silence. We didn’t move anywhere exotic or overly exciting. In fact, we are only 15 minutes away from our old house. But we did trade this yard…

…for this yard…

But unfortunately that meant trading this kitchen…

…for this kitchen…

Understandably you can see how the foodie inside me was devastated! But the move has given me an opportunity to reflect on kitchen essentials. In particular, I found myself forced to determine what makes a kitchen functional, what are the vital requirements necessary for me to keep my sanity, what items am I willing to give up and what things would need to be pried from my cold dead arms?  I may laugh now, but trying to answer these questions caused a significant amount of stress at the time and even resulted in a marital spat or two between Mr. Spock and myself. Seriously! Having been pre-warned about the numerous fights and quarrels that would arise during the whole moving process, I was quite proud of how my hubby and I worked together in harmony. We were a team! Mutual agreement wherever we turned, solutions decided unanimously every chance we got. But all of that beautiful togetherness ended the day we started organizing the new kitchen. Watch out! Sparks flew, temps rose, harsh words were spoken. It got ugly…real fast.

Bottom line is that the kitchen is the most important element of a home for both Mr. Spock and me. It’s always been the hub of our family life, the place where we spend the most time together. Whether baking cookies with the kids, entertaining friends and family, or testing a new cookbook, the kitchen clocks the most occupancy hours out of any other room in the house. And because we are both such big foodies, we’ve become a little particular (ahem ‘anal’) over the years as to how and where and what is positioned in this revered space.

In the end I am happy to report that Mr. Spock and I managed to overcome our differences and organize the kitchen. Even if it meant rearranging the glassware six times.

What are some of your kitchen essentials? Are there particular gadgets or appliances you absolutely cannot live without? I’d love to hear your thoughts about what makes a kitchen functional!

4 comments on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Diane on said:

    Kitchen essentials for me? My beloved Le Creuset-style dutch oven. Does everything I want! And then comes my Cuisinart “mini prep” that my sis gave me years ago…. Still going strong:)

  2. Laurie on said:

    Well done Jasmine. The move literally knocked the mickey out of you and your family. You have made some real strides already.

  3. I cannot live with out my Pampered Chef Small Bar Pan – that and a decent bottle of vodka

  4. joni on said:

    Great read Jasmine. I cannot live without a large and small whisk, my second-hand ‘ Le creuset’ cassarole dish and a copy of “The Junior League Centennial Cookbook” – the one with the numerous worn and food spattered pages that my dear sis-in-law Laurie gave us many years ago.

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