In Search Of Deep Fried Pickles

Check out my recent article on deep fried pickles. Yup – that’s right. Deep Fried Pickles:

The Source Newspaper (July 27 2010)

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One comment on “In Search Of Deep Fried Pickles

  1. Shirley Blake on said:

    I LOVE deep fried pickles (even more so in my current pregnancy state!) I usually order them at this great burger joint called The Counter; they come with an amazing sweet and sour sauce that is heavenly. I just tried some the other day at a new restaurant I had never been to before and they had a different and even more delicious breading and were served with a spicy chipotle aioli-like dip. Yum, yum. I may have to pick some up on the way home! Thanks for your comment on my blog…you will LOVE that baking cookbook. The opening chapter gives you a list of tools you will need, but really the only one I have needed is the pizza stone. Everything else you can improvise. Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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