The Savoury Side of Halloween

Initially I had planned on showcasing a number of sweet culinary delights for my Halloween blog post. I had a stack of magazines with numerous pages folded over all ready to go, each detailing a sugary treat bound to satisfy the sweetest of sweet teeth.

It was going to be epic.

But between all of the sugar induced comas resulting from school Halloween parties, back-to-back birthday celebrations let alone the anticipated haul of candy on the big night itself; I became sugared out. As a result, I thought it would be fun to showcases the savoury side of Halloween.

First off I took the recipe for the most amazing Chutney Cheese Torte (click here for the recipe) and gave it a fun face full of veggies and a head full of mango chutney. The cheese mixture can be made a day ahead, leaving very little prep to do the day of your party.

Next I made a fun and slightly creepy appetizer that came from Taste of Home Magazine, called Bloodshot Eyeballs (click here for the recipe). It’s a basic devilled egg but before you peel off the shell you crack the egg and let it soak in a hot water and vinegar mixture doused with your food colouring colour of choice. This leaves a fun pattern on the outside of the egg. Add a slice of olive and some chopped pimento and voila – creepy eyeballs! NOTE: Mr. Spock has a severe devilled egg addiction (his only request for our wedding menu) but was so disturbed by the appearance of these eggs that he not so politely refrained from partaking. His loss – they tasted great!

Another recipe I tried was for Puffy Sausage Mummies, also from Taste of Home Magazine click here for the recipe). I opted to use breakfast sausages which I precooked to get them nice and brown, prior to wrapping them in the puff pastry. These were great in both taste and visual impact! This was definitely a favourite with the kids.

To round off my Halloween spread? A veggie tray of course! In order to jazz up the presentation I hollowed out a small pumpkin and set a dish with dip inside. Not only did this look great, but put some ice in the bottom of the pumpkin and it will keep your dip nice and cool.

What are some of your favourite Halloween treats? I would love to hear what you crave this time of year. Got a spooktacular recipe? Please share!

9 comments on “The Savoury Side of Halloween

  1. Ashley on said:

    Oh my gosh!!! Wish I was at your house this halloween! This is amazing! I am not sure I could eat the eyeballs though!

  2. Great job. Love how you’ve jazzed everything up.

  3. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Thanks – we had fun making all of these goodies :)

  4. Melissa Roberts on said:

    This stuff is very creative!
    Halloween is picking up in Trinidad (seriously) and I will definitely be testing these this week and making them by next Halloween.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Thanks Melissa – be sure to let me know how they turn out! That’s great Halloween is taking off in T&T :)

  6. Angie's Recipes on said:

    Talk about the creativity! Save me the “nose” please.


  7. chocolate freckles on said:

    Awwwww these are so cute!!!!!!!!

  8. This is so cute! I love it!

  9. Wow this is awesome! I especially like the eggs and mummy sausages.

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