Meet Contributing Writer Aimée White


Aimée White has a BA in Political Science, a Masters in the same, and a deep and abiding love for creating and eating beautiful food. Aimée returned to Canada at the beginning of 2011 – after several years of living, working, and eating abroad – and is thrilled to be home: she now owns an oven for the first time since 2006 and can steal Mason jars from her mother’s house on a regular basis. Aimée is chronicling her adventures in her Nova Scotian kitchen in her blog – Food: Je t’Aimée – and trying to find new and creative ways of combining her passions in the city she grew up in.


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5 comments on “Meet Contributing Writer Aimée White

  1. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Welcome to the CookThatBook team Aimée! I look forward to your reviews and am soooooo excited to have you join us :)

  2. Food: Je t'Aimée on said:

    So very happy to be joining you and the team, Jasmine! Look forward to testing many a delicious recipe with you :) Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

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