Muffin Monday: Baklava Muffins

This week’s recipe comes from domestic goodness Ms. Nigella Lawson, and is one that has received rave reviews online. Ironically it also happened to be a recipe that I’ve had bookmarked for ages. Go figure! I was finally gonna get my chance to give it a try.

Combining the exotic, spiced flavouring of Baklava within a muffin form, the recipe basically layers a straightforward muffin batter with a filling of walnuts, sugar, cinnamon and melted butter. The chopped nuts and syrupy nature of this famed dessert came through nicely, although without the signature filo pastry I found it reminded me more of a streusel muffin than baklava. But it was still good! Really good.

Wanting to dial up the beautiful spiced flavour that I love in baklava, I decided to use eggnog as my liquid ingredient (you could also use buttermilk or a combination of plain yogurt and low-fat milk). The creaminess of the eggnog made these some of the most moist muffins I’ve made to date!

I also opted to use some lovely blood orange infused syrup that my brother-in-law dropped off after confessing he would have no idea what to do with the stuff. Score! I loved the slightly tart orange flavour which imparted a fantastic tang without becoming too overpowering. I can’t wait to experiment further with this syrup – fancy holiday cocktails anyone?!

For a copy of the original recipe for Baklava Muffins, please visit Baker Street’s site and be sure to check out what the other food bloggers have baked up this week!

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6 comments on “Muffin Monday: Baklava Muffins

  1. Baker Street on said:

    I absolutely agree. The batter yields really soft, tender and super moist muffins. It was so perfectly paired with the filling.

  2. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    I was blown away by how tender and moist they turned out! Nigella done good 😉

  3. Yum…your baklava muffins look really, really good! That’s brilliant using eggnog as a liquid ingredient. You had baklava and Christmas all in one muffin!

  4. Food, Je t'Aimee on said:

    I can’t tell you how much I regret not being able to make these muffins this week! Yours look and sound SO divine! Love the touch of orange and the use of egg nog. Very flavourfully clever! :)

  5. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    Thanks Aimee! You should definitely keep this recipe on file to try at some point…soooooo good :)

  6. Stay-At-Home-Chef on said:

    LOL…you’re right Maya! I totally achieved xmas and baklava in one muffin!

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