Meet Contributing Writer Niki Shewfelt

Niki ShewfeltI once read that a person’s personality can be summed up by the types of reading material they have on their bedside table. Currently, mine is stacked with two Vegetarian Today magazines, one Simply Living magazine, a vegan cookbook, an inspirational running book and a gripping teenage fiction novel, all compliments of my local library.  After a brief encounter with a suspicious lump six years ago, I made an at-the-moment weekend decision to switch our family to a vegan lifestyle. Over an eggplant and cashew-cheese lasagna, roughly two months later, my husband casually inquired, “Wondering and not complaining, but… we eat meat anymore?”  (Currently on his bedside table: 3 coaching and leadership development books, a history of the middle ages, a Christian nonfiction about father and daughters, and the sequel to my teenage fiction novel).

With two competitive-swimming teenagers, our active vegetarian/vegan household seems to be continuously fueling up, keeping me in a constant search for wonderful new menus to create. I receive inspiration from recipes which blend balanced, whole foods without the hassle of being considered fussy. Rarely follow recipes to their entirety, my family is rather used to enjoying their meals “in the moment” (or disliking them in this same way), as they are rarely duplicated.

Please give Niki a warm welcome to the CookThatBook family! We are excited to have her join our team in the position of resident vegetarian cookbook reviewer. If you have a question/comment for Niki, please email her c/o Inaugural cookbook review coming soon!

6 comments on “Meet Contributing Writer Niki Shewfelt

  1. Sophie on said:

    Niki – I love John’s question. That’s awesome, and surprising that it took him 2 months to ask. I’m excited to see the cookbooks you review. Always happy to be your guinea pig, as you know.


  2. Shannon on said:

    You always amaze me! Loved your words!

  3. Cara on said:

    Wonderful into to a fabulous lady! Can’t wait to get some new ideas from your posts!

  4. Niki….so that’s what you have been up to!!! Wonderful news.
    Another writer in the family. They are so lucky to have you. You look slim and lovely in the picture. Vegetarianism agrees with you.
    Your recipes must be great if it took John two months to realize there was NO meat in them…..Love,
    Ali xxxxoooo

  5. Hi Niki,
    Wow—-you rock! Interesting journey–I have been looking for vegan recipes that our family could try so can’t wait to see what you would recommend. All the best!! Pam

  6. Helena McMurdo on said:

    Nice to ‘meet’ you. I enjoyed reading your story. While I do eat meat, like many I am looking for more interesting ways to bring vegetarian dishes to the table. Look forward to hearing your take on things!

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