Thank You!

It has been two weeks since I officially launched my blog, and so far the response has been overwhelming and way beyond my expectation! With close to 5,000 page views the interest generated has been so inspiring and I would like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing people in my life who have showered me with love and support for my new endeavour. THANK YOU!

Reading your posted comments has been so encouraging, and I love how within my personal community the conversation of food and cooking and cookbooks has now busted wide open! I’ve received many emails from people looking for menu suggestions for upcoming dinner parties, wanting recommendations for speciality food places in the Vancouver area, questions about my favourite cookbook of all time (I realized it’s too hard to pick just one!), foodies who as new parents are wanting quick and easy meal ideas that don’t have them sacrificing their previous culinary glories, and new cooks wanting to introduce themselves to their kitchens for the first time.

Friends that I have known for years are suddenly revealing their inner cookbook fanatic, and I find myself engaging in food related conversations with them in an entirely new way as we share how our PVRs are filled with cooking shows and the stack of books we keep by the side of our bed are culinary. One person even went so far as to describe the Foodnetwork as “soft porn” (and she wasn’t just commenting on Nigella’s programme!)

Some of the best emails I’ve received have been from people listing the most influential cookbooks in their lives, many of which were unfamiliar to me but have since been added to my list of books for future review. I love learning about other people’s cookbook collection and garnering the titles of new books and authors to explore.

I have also received a number of requests from people wanting copies of the recipes mentioned on my blog that are not taken from reviewed cookbooks. In particular, my sister-in-law’s famous Christmas Morning Wifesaver (click here for the recipe) and Mr. Spock’s favourite pancakes of all time (click here for the recipe).

Originally I was only going to post recipes from tested cookbooks, but due to popular demand (how cool do I feel saying that?!) the recipe section will be expanded to include some of my family’s favourites.

On a final note, I have also been asked how frequently I will be posting new material, and it is my hope to have new posts every two weeks (depending on the current demands of life). Be sure to sign-up to receive email notifications whenever a post is made!