Chefs take home the gold medal in FOOD!

It has been nearly three months since the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in my hometown of Vancouver. Life after the flame was extinguished has basically returned to normal, although occasionally you will see people sporting our nation’s colours or spot flags hung proudly out front of houses and it is easy to remember the intense national pride and excitement that spanned the country from coast to coast during the Games.

I am an Olympic junkie, but my figure skating past endears the Winter Games closest to my heart. During the two week Olympic broadcast my television remained on virtually the entire time! Our household lived and breathed everything Olympic. Even my four year-old wore red and white everyday along with a maple leaf painted on her face.

Part of my daily Olympic routine included going online and reading posts from a blog created by Bill Pratt and Mike Greer. Bill & Mike’s Whistler Olympic Adventure detailed their cooking experiences for the Whistler Athletes Village. I was riveted! Their mission was to provide the best food and service to the Whistler Olympic and Paralympic workforce, athletes, coaches, and assistants. Led by Canadian superstar chef Michael Smith, Bill and Mike and the rest of their team cooked their way through the Games. As if that didn’t keep them busy enough, they somehow managed to find time to blog about their experiences. Throughout the Games Bill and Mike kept readers entertained and informed with behind the scene stories of their culinary adventure.

I recently had a chance to chat with Mike Greer about his time in Whistler. Click here to read the full interview.

2010 Olympic Taco Team! (6 guys, 4 hours, 1,400 tacos)

The Olympic Taco (yum!)

Whistler Olympic Dining Tent

Potato Leek Soup for 1,000 in the first kettle, and Tomato Olive Sauce in the second kettle

*All photos courtesy of Bill & Mike’s Whistler Olympic Adventure