A Little Liva!

by contributing writer Jacqueline Twa

Want to see something really funny?  Tell your kids (or even better tell your husband) that you are making liver for dinner. Then sit back and watch their faces.

Grown men – including the toughest tough guy types – turn into squeamish, yuk-faced babies at the thought of eating liver. Children have a look of horror that cannot be duplicated by any other means, and I cannot even begin to explain the true depth of the teenage facial experience.

Growing up, my mother would make liver and whenever that happened we would all protest vociferously and pitch fits. But no matter how much we would whine and complain, the liver always had to be eaten. You see, my mother and father were Prairie people and grew up eating things that didn’t come from beneath a saran wrapped package or from underneath a mainstream glass fronted butcher’s counter. They ate liver and kidneys and tongue and tripe – yuk!

It’s not that we were so opposed to eating liver, the problem was that my mom had a family recipe that she always used during the once a month ritual torture. We called it the “mom’s cooking liver tonight” recipe.

Now my mother fancied herself a gourmet cook, and for the most part she was a good cook. But her crazy idea about how to cook liver left a lot to be desired. Basically she would take the liver and poach it in tomato juice which made the liver dry and taste terrible, the meat tough and chewy versus the wonderful, creamy, savory yum that can result from a wonderfully spiced and perfectly cooked piece of liver.

When it comes to liver, you should know that there are several different classifications of people:

  • First off there are the “hate liver” people. They hate liver. Really, really hate liver. They do not eat any kind of liver, ever, period.
  • Next are the “neither one way nor the other” liver people. Depending on the dish they could be coerced into giving it a try.
  • Then we have the “like liver” people. Eternal optimists that will try anything once and as long as it tastes good they will eat it again. Really, it doesn’t matter so long as it tastes good.
  • Lastly are the “love liver” people. They are just weird.

Now I happen to be a “like liver” person. Never mistake me for a “love liver” chick; I don’t want to be painted with that brush. In comparison, my husband is a “hate liver” person. He also happens to be German, which is interesting as most Germans tend to be “like liver” people. Go figure.

In general I like to think that liver people are more enterprising and outgoing, more emotionally sensitive and attractive. So what are you waiting for?! Try my amazing liver recipe. Right now. Seriously.

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