Muffin Monday: Carrot Spice Muffins

Confession? I almost ended up going gluten for this week’s recipe as I was short on time and feeling stressed about the fact that I was supposed to bring these to a parent/teacher evening and what if they didn’t turn out and people hated them and as a result started this big pro-gluten rally…

That’s how my mind works.

Needless to say I calmed down, re-found some faith in myself and pulled out my gluten-free flours to prepare my mix. And you know what? I am so happy I did because these muffins were incredible! And a huge hit at the parent/teacher evening (in case you were wondering).

For the flour mix I ended up using my quantities from last week’s Jam Filled Muffins; 150g brown rice flour, 60g cornstarch, but instead of oat flour I opted to try 100g coconut flour. Yup – that’s right coconut flour. It’s just as tasty as you think it ought to be.

Because I was adapting this recipe to become gluten-free, I had to make some basic substitutions such as adding 1 tsp xanthan gum (you could also use an extra egg yolk as a thickener), an extra egg, and twice as much applesauce as I found the batter extremely dry. I also baked them at a much lower oven temperature (325F). Then there were the personal choice substitutions; such as crushed pineapple, NO raisins, coconut flakes, and (drum roll please) a cream cheese filling right smack dab in the middle of the muffins. The results? Devine.

For the cream cheese filling I used a recipe I found on Silvana’s Kitchen, and it is so good I’m going to have to try really hard not to add it to all of my future muffins. Basically you whip together cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, egg white and vanilla and layer it between the muffin batter before cooking the whole thing in the oven. Because the filling was baked, it turned out like a nugget of cheese cake tucked inside all warm and oh so satisfying. The taste of the coconut flour really came through, complimenting the coconut flakes and adding a nice dimension to the muffin. The applesauce and pineapple kept everything nice and moist, and the variety of spices were perfectly balanced.

For a copy of the original recipe for Carrot Spice Muffins and to see what the other foodies baked up, please visit Baker Street’s site

For a copy of my gluten-free version, please click here

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