Liquid Holiday Cheer

By The Stay-At-Home-Chef

Eggnog has always been one of my favourite holiday consumables. I adore the intense flavour of nutmeg, the rich and velvety texture that just begs for it to be added to pretty much everything. Cookies, pancakes, French toast, trifles, cupcakes…you name it and I’ve probably added eggnog to it at some point. But by far my most coveted way of enjoying this holiday treat is in a glass mixed with rum and a splash of Amarula (my brother-in-law’s secret ingredient).

While I have been a fan of eggnog ever since childhood, it is something that I have never attempted to make myself. To be honest, the whole raw egg thing kinda freaked me out. But by all accounts homemade is best so I was determined to give it a try this year. Then I picked up the winter issue of Edible Vancouver which included a recipe for old-fashioned eggnog. After speaking to our contributing writer Helena McMurdo who photographed the article and raved about the recipe, my mind was made up: the time had come for me to set aside any qualms and whip up a batch of nog.

Now I should add a disclaimer that whenever you consume raw or lightly cooked eggs there is a possibility of exposure to salmonella bacteria, which can be particularly harmful to more vulnerable people such as children, the elderly, pregnant women or others with weak immune systems. For more information on this topic along with some handy dandy egg safety tips, you can visit The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s site.

Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way, let’s get back to the recipe!

Kera Willis is the person responsible for my new appreciation for eggnog, and it is her family recipe that is included in the Edible Vancouver article. The process involves whipping egg yolks with sugar, to which you can then add the alcohol of your choice (rum is the most common option although brandy is also a coveted addition). Whipped egg whites are then folded into the yolk mixture, and the whole thing is finished off by folding in a litre of whipped cream along with some freshly grated nutmeg.

The results are incredible and to be honest I’m not sure if the English language has enough adjectives to accurately describe its perfection. Impossibly velvety, this eggnog is unlike any I have ever tasted. The level of creamy goodness is so far beyond that of regular commercial variety eggnog you can’t really compare the two. The texture is incredibly thick and rich – the ultimate boozy milkshake! It is perfect for sipping, savouring and moaning over this holiday season, and we will definitely be making another batch to ring in the new year in style (and taste!)

For a copy of the recipe for Old-Fashioned Eggnog please visit Edible Vancouver