Muffin Monday: Chunky Monkey Banana Muffins

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This week not only marks my long overdue return to Muffin Monday, but also the start of a whopping six weeks of extravagant holiday muffins. So buckle up ladies and gentlemen; things are gonna get festive!

To get the muffin merriment started, Baker Street tasked us with putting our own unique twist on a simple banana bread recipe. Our group used a Food Network recipe as a jumping off point, but you could easily use any other recipe so long as you reduce the cooking time accordingly (click here for my ultimate banana bread recipe).

Wanting to evoke my inner Ben & Jerry’s, I threw in a cup of coconut, a TBSP of cinnamon, and a trilogy of chocolate chips (white, dark and milk chocolate). I was planning on adding chopped walnuts as well, but got vetoed by the young-ins.

These muffins were decadent without being over the top. Perfect with your morning coffee (and again as a snack in the afternoon), these muffins are incredibly moist thanks to the mashed banana. I enjoyed the generous amount of cinnamon that ended up happening accidentally due to the helping hands of my four year-old, but it really balanced out all of the other flavours nicely.

Happy Muffin Monday!

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