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In Search Of Pakoras

Always perfectly seasoned and served with an addictive homemade tamarind sauce and mint chutney, Rasoi Fine Indian Cuisine is my favourite place to indulge in these delicious fried fritters.

The Source Newspaper (October 12)

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In Search Of Turkey

Just because Thanksgiving has come and gone – at least for us Canadians – doesn’t mean you need to forget about turkey. Turkey is no longer considered a special occasion meat reserved for one or two times a year. In fact, turkey is one of the healthiest meats you can buy, with ground turkey being 2% leaner than skinless chicken breasts. The secret to replacing turkey in your recipe repertoire for dishes like tacos, chili and meatloaf? Add spices to the raw meat instead of during the cooking process. This will ensure the meat takes on the flavour of the spices rather than just taste like turkey.

Read my recent article on The Turkey House & Deli:

The Source Newspaper (October 5)

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The Roasted Turkey Sandwich is The Turkey House & Deli's number one selling sandwich: Full of stuffing, white and dark meat, cranberry sauce, lettuce and tomato - yum!

In Search Of A Cup Of Joe

Coffee from a drive-thru Tepee?! Huh?! Read my article to find out more about this local landmark that serves up organic free trade coffee:

The Source Newspaper (September 28)

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In Search Of Family Friendly Dining

Too often family friendly restaurants fail to offer standout food, but this is not the case with Big Ridge Brewing Company where I would be happy to eat with or without my kids. Read my entire article:

The Source Newspaper (September 21)

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In Search Of Raspberry Muffins

Read all about Holly’s Poultry in Motion breakfast joint and the amazing raspberry muffins they serve up each day. In fact, they are the “Best In The World Raspberry Muffins.”

The Source Newspaper (September 14)

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In Search Of Quintessential Fall Flavours

Read about my recent dining experience at Tap Restaurant, where I savoured every bite of their Duo of Moulard Duck. The duck is served two ways, with the leg confit and breast seared. Served with a fresh English pea ragu, the dish was full of rich flavours and a level of earthiness that for me defines the approaching fall season.

The Source Newspaper (September 7)

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In Search Of Pad Thai Rolls

Pad Thai Rolls – never heard of them? That’s because they are an original creation of Moon Sarai, a Thai Chef extraordinaire. Read all about his fabulous twist on authentic Thai cuisine.

The Source Newspaper (August 31)

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In Search of Summer Cocktails

Summer may be officially over but that shouldn’t stop you from making the fabulous recipe included in my article! Pearl on the Rock were kind enough to spill the beans and tell readers how to make their signature Kind of Blue Cocktail. So go ahead – whip up a batch this weekend, close your eyes and pretend we’re still months away from the onslaught of cold and rain (and in some cases…snow!)

The Source Newspaper (August 24)

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In Search Of Blueberry Lavender Jam

Here’s the thing I love the most about Missing Goat jams: they actually taste like fruit! I stopped buying commercially produced jam a long time ago, finding the product overly sweet. This summer we tried making our own jam, but our pectin aided efforts only resulted in an inedible sugary mess that held very little flavour from the initial inspiration – the fruit. Needless to say, Heather Cameron has the magic touch.

Read my recent article on Missing Goat’s Blueberry Lavender Jam:

The Source Newspaper (August 17)

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In Search Of A Caesar Cocktail

Read my article on Canada’s favourite alcoholic concoction:

The Source Newspaper (August 10)

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