Give the Gift of Dessert Wine!

Kendall Harris of Wine2Three recently came on board as our resident wine expert for the Food & Wine Magazine cover recipe challenge. Having her monthly contributions towards wine pairing suggestions for each cover recipe has been fantastic. I love how I’m learning about (and becoming addicted to!) so many new wines. As a fun twist on this holiday post, Kendall has put together a wine pairing suggestion to serve with…CHRISTMAS COOKIES!


My most frequent go-to wine when it comes to holiday gift giving is dessert wine. Dessert wine is the umbrella term that encompasses many different kinds of sweet wines that can be consumed as an aperitif, sipped with dessert, or simply enjoyed on their own as dessert.

The type of dessert wine I most often seek out is Late Harvest wine. Late Harvest wine is made by leaving the grapes on the vine longer than the grapes harvested to make dry wines, so the grapes continue to ripen, and the sugar levels in the grapes rise. Sometimes they’re even left on the vine so long that the grapes start to raisinate a little as the water in the grapes evaporates, further concentrating the sugars. The wine that results from these late harvested grapes is sweet, unctuous, and contain flavours of ripe apricots & peaches, but still have enough acidity so that it doesn’t feel like you’re sipping something too syrupy.

Look for Late Harvest wines from Chile, where you’ll find some inexpensive yet excellent options, like this Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc from Errazuriz.

Cheers to you all this holiday season!