1. Will you do a link exchange with other blogs?
This blog only links to websites that are part of my regular web surfing. That being said, I love to discover new blogs and websites of fellow foodies and other creative kindred spirits. So please feel free to email me a link to your site! If it becomes part of my regular viewing rotation I will definitely add a link from my blog.

2. Can I advertise on your blog?
Please email info@cookthatbook.com for all enquiries relating to advertising opportunities.

3. Is it legal for you to post copies of other people’s recipes? Aren’t there copyright laws?
Copyright laws in regards to recipes are fairly vague. However, my objective in creating this blog is to promote an interest in cooking, cookbooks and the chefs themselves. In no way do I want to take away from their work – they deserve 100% of the credit. Therefore, out of personal and professional integrity we will only post recipes for which we have received permission from the relevant publishing house. Because of this, recipes may not be available right away or will be posted for a limited amount of time. If you are having any difficulty with downloading a particular recipe or it is no longer available, please email me.

4. I am in total disagreement with one of your reviews. How can I dispute your post?
Let me be clear. This blog is written with only the best of intentions and is meant to be a fun, positive environment where people can exchange ideas and partake in a well intentioned dialogue about food and cooking. If you tried one of the recipes I’ve tested and received different results, feel free to post a non-threatening non-verbally abusive comment about your experience. Only in my house is my word meant to be taken as law!

5. Can I use one of your photos on my site? Can I use one of your blog posts on my site?
Please email me directly prior to using any content and do not take anything without permission. The photography on my blog is a combination of photos from a number of different sources, including my and Mr. Spock’s amateur attempts. Also, I am fortunate to have a number of extremely talented photographer friends who I hope will occasionally pop over for a visit and snap some pics of me in culinary action. Any of their photos that appear on this site will be credited to them along with links to their websites.

6. I am interested in signing up for your blog, but I’m afraid of receiving spam. What do you do with the email addresses collected from your sign-up form?
Your privacy is important to us, and we understand how issues relating to internet privacy can create feelings of distrust among website visitors. In order to better protect your privacy we ensure that all information is collected directly through our website. We do not use a third party to collect information for us. We will not share your personal information with other sources and have absolutely no intention of selling your email address to outside parties.

By signing up to our blog, you will receive email notification whenever a new post has been made. That’s all, we promise! With so many interesting and so little time in my day, I love not having to constantly check out each and every blog I follow to see if new content has been posted. Our intentions are honourable!