Mr. Spock’s Winter Sangria

This is called “Winter Sangria” because it is way too intense for a hot summer day. That being said, it’s pretty darn good year round but be warned – it packs quite a punch!

1 bottle Red Zinfandel (not to be confused with blush wine from the 90’s)
1 bottle Riesling
½ cup of Raspberry Liqueur
1/3 cup of Triple Sec
mix of fresh (or frozen) berries such as raspberries & blueberries
fresh orange cut into ¼” slices
soda water (optional)

Combine all of the liquid ingredients in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Add the berries and oranges slices to garnish.

If possible, chill all of the ingredients ahead of time in order to let the flavours meld together.

Pour over ice in a wine glass. Cut with soda if desired.