The Best of Bridge Series

By The Best of Bridge

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Unlike a large percentage of Canadians, I did not grow up with the Best of Bridge in my family kitchen. It wasn’t until I met Mr. Spock and his family introduced me to this famous cookbook series, that I first met and quickly fell in love with “The Ladies of the Best of Bridge” and their collection of fabulous recipes. Not once has a recipe failed to work or delight my family, each being a failsafe addition to my cooking repertoire. With a total of eleven books published to date (including their most recent book released in October 2009), The Ladies show no signs of slowing down. And with their reputation for producing uncomplicated, tasty comfort food that is great for entertaining and daily family life, why should they?

The Best of Bridge brand was born in 1975, after a group of eight female friends who had been playing bridge together for over ten years decided to write a cookbook. With the realization that part of what they enjoyed most about getting together was the food they prepared and shared, they got to work tasting, testing and revising their favourite recipes for their first book – The Best of Bridge. Today they have sold over 3.2 million copies of their cookbooks and have become one of the most successful culinary brands in Canada.

Their promise is to provide “simple recipes with gourmet results”, and I for one can attest that they deliver. Even the most inexperienced cook will be able to follow the simple directions and produce fabulously tasty food. The tone of their books is welcoming and casual, making you feel at ease in the kitchen. And who doesn’t love their trademark corny jokes at the bottom of each recipe?!

These books have become staples in my kitchen and will always have a spot on my VIP kitchen shelf.