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By The Best of Bridge

Chicken Breasts Zelda

RATING: 4 out of 5

THE TEST: This recipe is a twist on Chicken Diane which is a twist on Steak Diane (you get the point) and made my mouth water just by reading the list of ingredients. So on a day when I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by the chicken breasts I had thawing in the refrigerator, I remembered this recipe and decided to give it a try. How happy was I to learn that I actually had everything I needed right at home which negated a trip to the supermarket? Very happy. As anyone with kids knows, trudging through grocery store aisles with two pairs of eager little hands outstretched trying to touch everything in sight, meltdowns when said stuff in sight is prevented from being shoved in their mouths, navigation of carts by drivers unable to see over the bottom bar, shopping assistance resulting in the addition of stray items being covertly added to the cart that then need to be put back in their rightful spots…all make for a time consuming experience I try to avoid when possible.

Surprisingly enough given the impressive appearance of the end result, this recipe came together easily and quickly and makes for a great weeknight meal. Their suggestion of slightly pounding the chicken between wax paper prior to searing in the pan is one that we use whenever we cook chicken breasts. By levelling out the meat it ensures even (not to mention speedy) cooking. Because this dish does not take long to cook, I would highly recommend having all of your ingredients for the sauce measured out and ready to go beforehand. Once the chicken is removed from the pan it doesn’t take long for the liquid to burn unless you are adequately prepared and can chuck everything in quickly.

THE RESULTS: This dish was a great success and very popular amongst all members of my household. Even Mr. Spock (who for the record has a complicated relationship with citrus) really enjoyed this chicken. The combination of butter and oil ensured the meat was seared with utmost flavour, and the lime juice did not overpower the dish but instead worked well with the other ingredients to create a balanced taste. The Dijon mustard gave the sauce a nice bite, while the parsley and green onion lent a nice freshness to the dish.

This recipe will be making regular appearances onto our table!

Click here for a copy of the recipe for Chicken Breasts Zelda

Greek Ribs

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

THE TEST: With a caption above the recipe that says “Don’t ask! Just make them!” how could I not test these ribs. Normally we prefer to make our ribs all saucy and falling off the bone, so I was excited to try a dry rubbed version instead. The list of ingredients is short and the preparations incredibly low maintenance. I fell in love with this recipe even before tasting the ribs!

THE RESULTS: When I initially took the ribs out of the oven they looked pretty ordinary, but as soon as I took my first bite I was amazed by the explosion of flavour in my mouth! The seasoning rub was exceptional (and very Greek), and I was pleasantly surprised to find the meat incredibly tender and moist. With Greek salad and wild rice as sides, this meal turned out fantastic and is one that I will definitely make again!

Super Blueberry Lemon Muffins

RATING: 5 out of 5

THE TEST: Super quick and easy to throw this recipe together. I even managed to make this on a school day and still had time to scarf one (or two…) down before pilling the kids in the car. The thing I love most about muffins is that they freeze well and thaw quickly, so even on those super rushed mornings you can grab a bag out of the freezer when you wake up and they’ll be ready to eat by the time you’re heading out the door. Better than stopping for an egger at the drive thru!

THE RESULTS: You should know that I have been on a muffin mission for years, and in my search for the perfect recipes (variety is key) blueberry has been a tricky one to satisfy my expectations. In my office you will find numerous blueberry muffin recipes with notes scribbled across them that outline what I like and what I would change the next time around. All of my efforts are inspired by the memory of the blueberry muffins I used to make with my mom as a little girl, the recipe long lost (all I have to go on is that they were called “Maid Marian’s Muffins”).

This recipe is the closest I’ve come to calling an end to my search and declaring perfection. And although different from the remembered muffins of my youth, they were absolutely delicious. The classic combination of blueberries with lemon imparts such a wonderful freshness, and the tangy tartness is balanced well with the creaminess of the dairy. The muffins were moist and slightly cakey in texture without being overly sweet. The topping of melted butter, lemon juice, and sugar was a tasty indulgence but not necessary. In fact, I actually preferred them plain. Even Mr. Spock (who has a kind of Jihad against muffins) couldn’t get enough. In his words, they “tasted like sin!”